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states became a global power and i'm thinking back to the monroe doctrine about the united states and our sphere of influence, you are asking about strategic interest in rebuilding haiti. i do think that there is interest on the part of the united states strategically to engage haiti and make sure that this epic human catastrophe resolves itself, and this is going to take a very long time, but look, the united states was the first one to announce humanitarian help. we're always the biggest contributor when natural disasters happen in the world. no other country on the face of the earth in the history of the world does more to help people in situations like this than the united states of america. we always deliver. the question is, how best to do this? and when you look back since 1992, since the clintons were in office, what you've seen is a dedication of $3 billion from the united states going into haiti. it is still incredibly poor despite all of this effort on the part of the united states and other nations. in fact, haiti has the greatest number of nongovernmental organizations, ngos,
the rhetoric. >> do you think, mr. murray, that barack obama, the president of the united states, his being in boston, him being up there on the stump, is that going to help? is that really going to wake up those who might think, wait a minute, we've got to go vote on news. >> i think it does. it brings attention to how important this race is. and what is at stake. literally the agenda of the president. you showed senator kennedy and he's someone who is strong in his beliefs and fought for it. but he also was able to reach out to the no child left behind and in certain areas. isn't it unfortunate that other americans haven't been able to offer that compromise that senator kennedy offered to former president george bush on issues of education and other types of things? we've got a republican minority that is really trying to obstruct the will of the voters and no one knows more about this than you do. where does the middle class and pushing all of the same rhetoric that dick cheney and george bush did for so many years? >> barack obama hasn't done anything to eliminate the middle class in ma
in the history of the united states in the last administration after we got hit on 9/11, we had to form the department of homeland security because all of these agencies -- the cia, the fbi, the national security agency, local law enforcement, nobody could talk to one another. so here we are. did that work? did that really work or was this just the due diligence of american bureaucracy just not working? what happened here? oh, but we got to pin it on obama. we can't wait to pin it on him because he's weak on terror. you know, when this is all washed out, we are going to find out -- and we'll dig out the sound bites because they're in the archive. i remember joe lieberman, oh, we just have to have the rearrangement of government so we can protect america. i remember all that. i remember dick cheney coming out and saying that we have to do this because we're going to get hit again, that we just -- well, can we just say this? we kind of got lucky on christmas day, that there were some people that got after it and it was a failed attempt? but we knew about the red flags, we had the intel, i
prison suits. they're on $10,000 bail. >> bugging the new orleans office of a united states senator? what in heavens name do they think they'll pick up in one of these ridiculous offices? it's not even in washington, d.c. >> what was liddy trying to find out back in '72? you had the same reaction then. >> why would you bug the democratic national committee? they all blab their heads off to everybody in sight. it's ridiculous. we're hearing from david, we hope the right wing covers this. i'm sure the right wing will give this a little more coverage than the left wing gave the a.c.o.r.n. scandal. >> let me -- >> listen, i tell you, there was an office if they were going to bug, if they were going to continue with the theme they started with, it should be david vitter. you go after somebody down in louisiana who has a known problem using phones, particularly. then you go after david vitter. >> people are getting in the spirit. everybody's watching this picture of this guy with his pretend prostitute. here we go. listen to this. a conservative activist who posed as a pimp to target the commun
. >>> the president of the united states getting ready to address the nation from the white house. as soon as he goes to the microphone, you'll hear what he has to say on the failed terror attack in detroit, outside detroit on christmas day. we'll go there live, you'll hear everything. in the meantime, let's check in with jack cafferty. he has today's "cafferty file." >> some say it's past time to begin profiling passengers. the u.s. is demanding better koreaning from places like iran, pakistan, saudi arabia, yemen, the usual suspects. the screening is to include things like full body scans, patdowns, searches of carry-on bags, and explosive detection technology. from the school of common sense comes the idea it makes sense to more thoroughly screen passengers who come from cunning where they may have been exposed to radical islamic teaching, but improved technology isn't the answer. the head of security for el al, says we need better questioning of passengers. he suggests hiring well-educated, highly trained agents, who know what to look for. he says profiling isn't about single out certain ethnic g
the order for the process of tps status for haitians already in the united states. this is an intermediate immigration status that allows those who are here to remain and to work. as they work, many send remittances back home. this in and of itself is a form of support to haiti and a form of economic assistance to haiti. to qualify, you must have been in the united states before january 12, the day of the earthquake. if you qualify, you should go to, and there is information there to provide you on how you get the tps status. it will be good for 18 months from the date of issuance, so that will be in july of 2011. for haitians in the country who were here before the earthquake, we are now opening up the process of tps for you. lastly, if any haitians are watching, there may be an impulse to leave the island to come here. you will not qualify for tps status. if you do, you will be repatriated back if you attempt. this is a very dangerous crossing. lives are lost every time people try to make this crossing. please do not have us subvert are necessary rescue and relief efforts going
there in the middle east. the united states closed its embassy in yemen, citing fears in al qaeda might try to stage an attack. also, britain closing its doors at its embassy there as well. there's still no word as to when either will reopen. meanwhile, breaking news on a related security story. the transportation security administration has just unveiled new directives for certain international flights. samantha hayes joins us live from washington to talk about the new directives and the story developing out of yemen. the new directives in effect tomorrow. >> these are dramatic, brooke. starting tomorrow, tsa is mandating every person flying into the u.s. from or through a country that's a state sponsor of terrorism or other countries of interest will be required to go through a hand screening or secondary screening. that can include body scans, patdowns and other regulations. and this is sure to slow down the boarding process but it also comes after the u.s. government stepping up counterterrorism efforts in yemen which is emerging as a more serious front in the war on terror. on the southern tip
that is a business model. it is bad for the long-term interest of a sustainable united states economy. the agenda here has to be to revive investment. reward bankers that are lending money and helping our manufactures, our entrepreneurs, are small businesses, create jobs and generate wealth. >> representative welch, thank you so much. governor, thank you as well. i can see you nodding. that is it for us. i'm dylan. up next, "hardball." >> earthquake in haiti. good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. here is what we know at this hour. bodies are piling up in the streets of port-au-prince. haiti's prime minister says hundreds of thousands of people may be dead. the haitian president says he has heard 30,000 to 50,000 people may be dead. there is no true casualty figure yet. haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and the damage from the earthquake is widespread. the quake flattened the palace the roman catholic cathedral the main prison and hospitals and schools in the capital. president obama pledged an all-out rescue and humanitarian effort. >> i have directed my administrat
these brave americans were among a long line of patriots who made a great sacrifice. the united states would not be able to maintain the freedom and security without the men and women from the cia. the agency declined to talk about the work. one of the victims is survived by his wife and three children. >> the kids are some of the nicest kids. it the's just really a shame people all over the world are missing their loved ones at a time when they should be enjoying one another. >> in langley, virginia, flags fly at half-staff. no word on funeral or memorial service. >>> a man accused of trying to blow up a plane on christmas day has ties to the ft. hood assassin. a classified rept se to president obama reveals u.s. agencies have enough intelligence to prevent the attack. pilots are upset they weren't warn after the attempted attack. >> there were 3,500 flights airborne over the united states at the time. who can guarantee there wasn't another event to happen. >>> five men with ties to the washington area detained in pakistan could spend the rest of their lives behind bars there. the men were
's "washington post" detailed the extent to which the united states missteps in yemen allowed al qaeda to expand and grow there as well. this super focused 9/12 mentality that conservatives now say we need to return to also wasn't able to capture the perpetrators of 9/11. as we learned incidentally from last week's suicide bombing that killed seven cia officers in khost, afghanistan, we are still looking for osama bin laden and ayman al zawahiri. the jordanian double agent recruited by the cia was brought in to help u.s. officials find zawahiri 8 1/2 years after our super focused 9/12 mentality. the danger in these bush policies being romanticized and retroactively impud with efficacy they didn't have is gwei may put those failed policies in place again. today we heard president obama announce a new program for screening passengers coming into the united states. >> as of yesterday, the transportation security administration, or tsa, is requiring enhanced screening for passengers flying into the united states from or flying through nations on our list of state sponsors of terrorism or other count
. a large section of the united states is dealing with a record blast of arctic air. >>> plus, the manhunt is over. the suspect in a thanksgiving day family massacre in florida is now in custody. we are live with the details on how police finally captured their man. >>> also, it is a wallet-draining experience at the gas pumps. how high will gas prices go in the new year? >>> and the must-see movies in the new year. will a lovable ogre's return to the big screen be worth watching? >>> good morning, everybody. i'm david schuster in for alex witt. welcome to msnbc sunday. it is 11:00 eastern time, 8:00 in the pacific. here's what's happening right now. >>> but first up, al qaeda threatening americans overseas. an active threat has forced the closure of the u.s. embassy in yemen. the british embassy has also been closed. the suspect in the christmas day plane bomb attempt said that he got his marching orders from al qaeda operatives in yemen and today all 500 u.s. embassy employees there have been instructed to stay away until further notice and to remain inside their homes as much as possibl
umar farouk abdulmutallab and prevent him from boarding an airliner and entering the united states. we must be able to stop such attempts. the intelligence community has made considerable progress in developing collection capabilities, but we need to strengthen our ability to stop new tactics such as the efforts of individual suicide terrorists. the threat has evolved and we need to anticipate new kinds of attacks and improve our ability to stay ahead of them and protect america. we can and we must outthink, outwork and defeat the enemy's new ideas. the intelligence committee will do that working closely with our nation's entire national security team. the statement today from the director of national intelligence. we got, he says. during president obama's speech today, the president announced that some changes would be coming, as a result of the failure to detect the christmas day attempt. >> counter terrorism officials have reviewed and updated our terrorist watch list system, including adding more individuals to the no-fly list. while our review has found that our watch listing syst
of the united states, i voted for president obama last year and i'm very disappointed with the way this whole health care issue has been going on. first of all we need to have an open-door policy where we are making such decisions because it affects people now is making the decision but the rest of the united states public. and the way i see a senator brown defends the constitution of the united states and as a democrat, i'm going to be switching my vote when he decides to run for president. >> host: you are looking at a scene from earlier this evening, actually this is live coverage of the solution in the senator brown headquarters and we should you earlier the martha coakley headquarters where she conceded the race. president of, calling both the winner and martha coakley, the boston herald on its website and scott brown show up the hit one of the newspaper he did it. as scott brown rose to a win at boston herald donner, three by the way we will continue the conversation tomorrow morning on c-span washington journal with amy walters who will be joining to give her perspective, and michael o
space. something that the united states can do here that no one else can do, this is now a naval operation. the united states navy is going to have to project themselves and try to help that way. but it is reminiscent of really depressing and sad pictures, but it's also the human factor. these are really hard operations. there is a reason the military is so large and often inefficient. and anyone with any experience of large organizations, there are sclerotic moments and that leads to people dying. >> there is a story out that president obama may be writing "newsweek's" cover story? >> yes. >> it's been a rough week. we haven't had anybody filing on time. federal office holders apparently have a hard time. the president is writing an essay for "newsweek" about why haiti matters. right now, we're in the middle of a very familiar and good ritual in american life. responding to the vivid, televised images of a terrible tragedy. we are texting money. the outpouring has begun, but what it will be like in ten days, what will it be like in a month? i promise you won't be talking about i
of the united states. crude oil closing below $81 a barrel. coming up, the outlook for the biotech interest with an exclusive interview with gilead ceo john martin. and hyatt hotels executive tom prisker on the state of the travel and leisure industry. the dow jones industrial average on the down side by 37 points, well off the lows of the afternoon to close down 0.3%. s&p down 10 points, 1136. nasdaq lost better than 1% to finished at 2282. more action from scott whopner. >> you could point to a number of different stories. add them together and the markets are under pressure today. started after the closie ining yesterday after the disappointing results from alcoa. material stocks under pressure throughout the day. i'm not just talking about aluminum stocks but steel and mining stocks under pressure as well. you see that move to the downside. down 11% for alcoa. look at the material stocks as well. the weakest performers in the market, you saw names like aluminum corp of china, nucor and freeport-mcmoran. sharply lower because of refining margins, exxonmobil, total and petrobras down. oil
. >>> the united states has sent more help to haiti. instead of going to africa and the persian gulf, the pentagon diverted 2,000 marines to haiti. the convoy could arrive in haiti sometime today. the united states has started preparing tents at cuba's gawntd guantanamo bay in case of a mass exodus -- at cuba's guantanamo bay in case of a mass exodus. >>> there will be a telethon on fox 5 beginning tomorrow night at 8:00. >>> new this morning, his comeback victory in the massachusetts senate race stunned democrats, many of who are now concerned about the fate of health care reform. now, republican senator-elect scott brown will make his rounds on capitol hill today. sarah simmons joins us live with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. well, senator brown will be getting to know his new colleagues on the hill today meeting with senator both sides of the aisle including one. his big backers, senator john mccain, a republican from arizona. also, he will be meeting with his new partner from massachusetts, senator john kerry. now, the timing of his swearing- in is still up in the air. he is still tech
here and to try to make it more amenable for companies like yours to create jobs in the united states? >> well, obviously, we're in the united states for the talent that is there and also the association with where our rnd departments are in new york state. new york state made it attractive years ago for us to look at that as a region to put manufacturing in place based on taxes, based on incentives, based on r&d. so the united states needs to keep focusing in on that and to leverage that innovation network that always has been there via the universities and the companies that are there. many of our major customers are based in the united states. many of the fabulous companies that we'll serve, many of the 150 -- >> do they need tax incentives, things like that? >> absolutely. tax incentives, making sure that we can have the best and brightest remain there and not leave our shores to go. but as a global company, we're in the united states, we're in europe, and we're in asia for the purposes to locate where our customers are, but also to have access to the best .brightest around the wo
from a different time. >> i think that's the issue. >> he's majority leader of the united states senate. >> i know, i know. guess what? our government is made up of people from all races and sexes. >> and people should evolve in their thinking and their terminology and the way -- >> you know what is sad? if he was talking about how barack obama -- >> that's the bad thing. >> we're going to talk about this in a little bit. >> look at this guest list. there is from mark halperin 'and john heilemann's new book. they are coming in today. we also have reverend al sharpton coming in, andy card, governor howard dean, john heilemann, mark halperin, mike allen, erin burnett. and andrea mitchell. you bring up a good point. some democrats were circling the wagon. what about so-and-so, when he said this? i would respond, people this is your majority leader in the united states senate, right now. in 2009. >> well -- >> and that's problematic that the guy thinks and talks that way. >> the only saving grace he has was he was speaking positively about then-senator obama, about his chances, about the go
climate is better in those countries than it is in the united states. >> right. >> caller: but my question is, if other countries are so much more attractive and business friendly than the united states currently, should we have even greater 20% --? >> i waffle over this. 20% is foreign. 10% is gold. that leaves 70% for united states. i am not giving up on this country. we have a lot of great values. remember, many of the s&p stocks and most of the dow stocks are international companies. they will take advantage of exactly what you're talking about. 20% overseas is very high. probably the highest of any money manager i know. that's how far i'm going and not a percent further. i need to go to mitch in south carolina, which i call carolina. mitch? >> caller: hi, jim. got a big-time boo-yah from charleston, south carolina. >> man, you've got that charleston university boo-yah. everyone's crazy about that school. go ahead. >> caller: -- around $40 a share just before the recent push. currently, up about 20% and definitely think the stock has more room to run. my question centers around the fac
. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the eastern united states or for the mid-atlantic. can you see, as we were saying yesterday, awe lot of that precipitation that you see as far as the snow goes, you see how it hits the mountains and doesn't make it over the mountains. that will be more of the same. we do see off the north and east some development of some light precipitation. right now, 36-degree in the nation's capital. relative humidity, 67%. your forecast for today, partly to mostly sunny. we'll see more clouds this morning than we will it the latter part of the day. the winds will pick up 15, 20 miles per hour gusting up to 30, 35 miles per hour but our temperatures quite nice. we are being look for a high of 50 degrees in the district. >> may as well enjoy it today i guess. >> yes, it will get colder. >> we'll enjoy today then. let's check in with julie wright and get an early look at traffic. >> so far, so good. no incidents to report. traffic volume still flowing at speed at the wilson bridge. all lane are open traveling southbound on 95 and 295 out of laurel head down
, revered private business more than we have now in the united states. that other nations have more pro-growth policies than we do, are more natural resource oriented than we are, less tax oriented, less exposure to huge budget deficits than we do here in america. remember the other night? anadarko jim hackett told us ghana and algeria are easier to deal with than the united states in doing business? algeria. read "savage war and peace." these are more investor friendly than the u.s.? if china is better for capitalism than capitalist america, why shouldn't ghana be a hotbed of investment? what's safe for the united states? what's safer? we're going to talk about developed countries after the break. that's called a tease in tv speak. now, i want to highlight the safest developing ones with terrific stocks to shock you -- that's right. i'm going to shock you out of your complacency. brazil, china and peru. that's right, you heard me. brazil, china and peru are all safe countries to put your money in. in many ways safer than the united states, because they do not favor a dictatorship of th
with a population of 2 million. joining us now on the phone is the haitian ambassador to the united states raymond joseph. ambassador joseph, thanks for your time tonight. first of all, your reaction to these reports that most of port-au-prince has been destroyed. >> well, i would not be surprised, and i am saddened by it. but even back in 2004 when i was flying in to the capital of haiti, port-au-prince, after 13 years being away, from the air, i saw the kind of buildings that were dotting the hills around port-au-prince willy-nilly. i wrote a piece in which i said port-au-prince is a catastrophe waiting to happen. and it saddens me that this prophetic piece that i wrote back in 2004 has come to a reality today. so i know my country has suffered a lot, and this is an added suffering that we did not need. >> ambassador raymond joseph. ambassador joseph, we're going to ask you to stick around. we're going to take a quick break and get some of the latest information. we'll talk to the ambassador and update all of our viewers of the latest information coming from haiti. just a scene of utter catastro
other countries being concerned because the united states, usair force is, at the request of the haitian government, running all the flight ops at the airport itself and some of the other countries complaining that american planes were getting precedence. and also that u.s. officials were going in and out. now, i can attest to the fact that u.s. officials are going in and out on relief planes and not taking any room away from the cargo that's being loaded. >> and as are a variety of officials, ban ki-moon yesterday, president clinton and others today. and we are incorporating them into the flow. look, from where we were at the beginning of this disaster with 20 to 30 flights we're now up to 100. we've doubled or tripled the amount of the operation at the airport. and this is critical, because this is, right now, the lifeline from the rest of the world into haiti. we're looking for other ways of expanding that. there have been a small number of diversions, primarily because you have airplanes stacked up. if an airplane breaks on the ground or takes longer on the ground, obviously there's
, if you're a caterpillar for example, or united technologies. but pretty muted growth in the united states and primarily moving stocks around today. finally wanted to note, big volume in toyota motors as you would expect here. by the way, people who make that accelerator petal, cts, automotive parts suppliers they are working with toyota on that but that stock is down here today as well. scott, how are we looking on at nasdaq where i am sure it is all apple. >> good for about half of a percent or so. clearly as bob mentioned, though, the focus is on apple with the release of the ipad. take a look, shares are up 1.5% right now but some the speck, jim goldman in the next hour of the "closing bell," will give you a complete wrap of how steve jobs unveiled this device out in california, but nonetheless here it is, 1/2 inch thick. the big deal and the that the stock is now positive because it was negative is that cost down at the bottom starting at $499. in fact, take a look at an intraday chart, because as this thing was first announced it took a long time to get to what the price was going to
. only the top two finishers will be going to vancouver to represent the united states. fletcher was named one of the finalists for the walter payton award, that is the man of the year award in the nfl. the winner will be announced at the super bowl. >> we will be ( clicking ) ( laughs, click ) when you hear a click, ( clicking ) you know it's closed and secure. that's why hefty food bags click closed. hefty! hefty! hefty! so you know you've helped lock in freshness and lock out air... to help prevent freezer burn. be sure it's secure with hefty food bags. just one click and you know it's closed. hefty! hefty! hefty! ( click, click, click ) >>> bring your umbrella if you are going anywhere tonight. >> take a look at all the rain on the way. the cold front will like -- will arrive late tomorrow morning, bringing cooler conditions. it did five degrees for the morning high temperature. it will fall during the afternoon hours. sushine on tuesday and wednesday, and those are snowflakes for thursday, friday, and into saturday. some really cold air is on the way once again. >> is wor to
which is a huge security problem when dealing with devastation of this scale. here in the united states during hurricane katrina we had general honore who got it to happen. the united states is sending 2,000 marines to help the u.n. peace keepers who have served as police in haiti in the past. a little over a hundred will leave today. what they will do is prepare for the arrival of another roughly 800 personnel tomorrow. then some 2,200 marines are being deployed to help with security as well as search and rescue and the delivery of humanitarian supplies, so important. >> we're going to work with the international peacekeepers under the u.n. to supplement them in providing security. they have been basically the police force. haiti doesn't have an army. they didn't have have much police force. it is being rebuilt by the united nations with our assistance. this is a country that's suffered so many blows. last year it was four hurricanes. this year an earthquake. it is hard almost to imagine. but the people of haiti are resilient. they are a hopeful people. we are going to do everything we
there is someone more torn about this dilemma, and that is the president of the united states, who now realizes the reality of the situation. >> wasn't quite as torn during the campaign, was he? >> no. but he understand now. >> he understands now. it goes back to the conversation you had with a certain top official saying mike, if you knew what i knew every day, you wouldn't get out of bed in the morning. >> i was thinking about that the other day. the high-ranking guy, access to every security piece of paper that comes across the president's desk. he sees it beforehand, and i once asked him -- this is about a year and a half ago. and i said what's it like? you get up at 4:00 in the morning and you look at the intel reports. and if you look at what we see what the president sees, you probably wouldn't want to get out of bed every day. >> and he grapples with this and what our country is about. and it's the same issue with torture. they are very hard decisions. at the same time, what are we going to look like 10, 20, 30 years from now if we let this unravel. i agree it's very difficult. >> what
out law enforcement, provide security? does the united states forces who are there -- i'm sure they can defend themselves but what about more generally, who is providing security down there? >> well, the united nations forces have a mission to provide security and stability within the construct of what they are doing here. and they are doing that. but the police have been devastated as well. we've seen increasing presence of the police on the street. but it's limited. so we do have to to secure ourselves, as you said, but we also have to address how we are able to continue our humanitarian assistance mission in a safe and secure environment. so we're going to have to work and we are working alongside the united states, the united nations, and the government of haiti to continue this security challenge that we face. >> general keen, thank you very much for taking the time. dr. shah, thank you as well. thank you for coming in. on saturday, president obama asked former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton to help with the haiti relief efforts. after the white house meeting,
in the united states senate. >> thanksgiving weekend up in massachusetts. >> stand outside fenway in the cold. >> shake hands. >> you, too, can be a senator. >>> according to "the washington post," the fbi invoked false terrorism emergencies to illegally obtain more than 2,000 phone records during the bush administration. the bureau simply persuaded phone companies to turn their records over. a report says the fbi then issued approvaled after fact in order to justify their actions. >>> and with the late-night battle lines clearly drawn, team conan is taking its message to the streets. backed by a facebook phenomenon, fans of "the tonight show" staged rallies in four cities yesterday. conan made a personal appearance outside universal studios, even buying pizzas for hundreds of people standing in the rain. conan appears poised to leave nbc after he refused to move his show to a later time slot. meanwhile, jay leno who is set to take back his old show at the 11:35 start time says it all comes down to business. >> when the boss gives you a job and you don't do it well, i think we did a good job
in the united states and the earnings of the big companies that are about to report. in fact, i regard it as an inverse correlation. the more they fire here, the more money they make. and the hirer their stock goes. given that business is so bad in this country and better almost everywhere else, i believe companies will be penalized with lower stock prices if they hire here and will rally if they hire overseas where the growth is. what matters during earning season is less earnings, and right now joblessness equals profits. it's a fact. when it comes to this kind of thing, getting political, making judgments whether it's the congress' fault for making things so darn confusing and difficult for small business, or whether it's the rich moneybag bankers that shouldn't make their pay, maybe they're the problem. all of those things just obscure what we need to think about as investors, which is how much money companies are making from not hiring people. case in point, caterpillar. see that one today? stock folded $3.79. it was a stunning move. a stunning move. talk about a company that's la
, and, keith, you and i both covered disasters in other places including the united states, hurricanes. we've seen the pattern before there. eats horrible shock when it happens. there's the grief over loss, but then as -- as people realize that things aren't going to get back to normal, they get angry, and there are scenes, and i have recorded them outside of home depots when they are handing out ice in hurricanes in the gulf coast. some of them is human nature. this is horrible what people are living through here. i'm not going to make excuses for lawlessness, but at the same time when you're living with the constant smell of death around you, when you're thirsty, when your family is missing, when you've not seen anyone from the government in your particular neighborhood, i'll give you an example. i went to a town 15 miles west of port-au-prince today that no one has visited. 90% of the homes we found, flattened. people have buried their dead. they have recovered their dead. i found a man, a father, with his neighbors on the collapsed roof literally digging to find his 2-year-old daug
in the united states before the quake, temporary status to live and work in this country for another 18 months. this morning, president obama spoke for 30 minutes with haitian president rene preval, who told him, "from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the haitian people, thank you, thank you, thank you." the fund-raising response here in the united states has been absolutely stunning, even in a tough economy, americans are ready and willing to help. more than $10 million has been raised through text messaging, and if you would like to donate, text the word "haiti" that's h-a-i-t-i to the number 90999 to make a $10 donation to the american red cross. we'll have much more on haiti coming up in this broadcast in this hour, and we'll have a special edition of "the ed show" tonight starting at midnight eastern time right here on msnbc. >>> but first the big political story of the day and there is a lot of political news out there tonight, they have obviously located the panic button in the white house. president obama will head to massachusetts on sunday afternoon to stump for endangered dem
yesterday said every state is in play. and going back to what the president of the united states said just a minute ago, do you think he really believes that? do you think that the people up in massachusetts when they -- ok, there's the lever right there. i'm mad at george bush. come on! >> i think he does believe it or he wouldn't say it. you think he'd come up with a better spin than that. he's been criticized in the past for blaming bush. now it's been a year. in fact, it was a year anniversary of his inauguration yesterday. >> i just thought this was amazing in that he says you know i'm doing so much work and i'm so busy, i haven't talked enough about it. i regret this year. here's where we're wrong. i was so busy getting stuff done and dealing with the immediate crisis in front of us, i think we lost some of the sense of speaking directly to the american people. only problem with that is he spoke a lot to the american people. 42 news conferences, 158 interviews, he almost spoke too much to the american people. >> speaking of numbers, listen to robert gibbs yesterday. the message loud
. it doesn't go far enough. the congress in the united states has become a disgrace. it doesn't deal with the problems in the country. watching the state of the union and watching the camera pan across the room and looking, the average age of members of the u.s. senate is now 62. 56 or 57 for the house. that place is no more representative of this country. it is a bubble. it is worse than gridlock. it is self-interest. it is geographical interest. not about the common good. obama has been rolled by them. he thought he could charm them. he tried again. this time using a little bit of shame. but the great interest in this country ought to be the congress of the united states, republicans and democrats, and finding a mechanism to structurally reform it, and throw most of them or all of them out of there and start over. >> the president going on the campaign trail, is it a good move or style over substance? >> i think a lot of it is style over substance. i think obama says he failed to communicate. i think he's failed to convey any sense of conviction. i think he has failed to convey ide
of thousands. the first words from haiti's ambassador to the united states were prophetic. >> i'm quite sure we will need everything. >> reporter: the pictures have become familiar. the presidential palace had all but collapsed. so had block after block, neighborhood after neighborhood, gone. a police station destroyed. the university flattened. >> we need more people down here. >> reporter: united nations headquarters, gone. the few helpers that remained had to help themselves. everywhere there were frantic efforts to pull people from the debris. tons of debris. the few happy endings offset by horrific scenes on corner after corner. port-au-prince was on its own. as the sun rose on wednesday, the earthquake's impact could be seen not just in the city but in surrounding neighborhoods. in the best of times, haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. four out of five people here live in poverty. with hospitals collapsed and no doctors or ambulances in the streets, people realized it was up to them. right now we're outside a hospital. it is an almost indescribable scene of anguish wit
. this is a guy that's taken it up before. chris dodd ran for president of the united states and he moved his family to iowa for the caucuses to run for that office. it was a long, long, long shot race, but he was willing to take it on. this one also looked like it would be a long shot race and maybe with the death of his close friend ted kennedy. >> i think there may be self-sacrifice involved and democratic leaders are eager to hold the seat and they'll have a better chance with the attorney general richard blumenthal. we'll talk more about -- >> senator dodd has approached the microphone. let's listen to what he has to say. >> in the neighborhood with all these people gathered around. happy new year and good morning to everyone. every six years over the past three decades i've invited you to my home to seek re-election on the united states senate. on each of these occasions i've begun my remarks by observing that every important journey in life begins and ends at home. today is no exception. what is different about today, however, is not to announce the beginning of yet another campaign fo
against president obama at the moment he took office. how the united states responded. >>> also, everyone knows what play-doh is. so why did airport screeners confiscate the gift from a little boy? >>> hello and welcome to hln "news & views." we are talking this morning as we start with this 14-year-old girl who is on her way to school. she was killed when she was struck by an amtrak train traveling in to school. all amtrak service is at a stand still to give investigators access to that scene. the girl was struck in middle river, maryland. that is ten miles northeast of baltimore. an amtrak spokesperson says the company hopes service will get back to normal by rush hour this afternoon. amtrak says the northeastern corridor is the most travelled region in the country. >>> the nationwide cold snap is so extreme, we can officially say that it's turned deadly, unfortunately. it's caused at least four lives, all of them reported in tennessee. they include anna alzheimers pal and a man who didn't turn on the heat in his home. >> somebody came by to bring food. when they came back, the food the
to the same threat level in the united states. the level that they have had there for the past few years, and it could be based on intelligence that the u.s. and britain have been gathering in yemen, where al qaeda may be planning further attacks on the west. alex? >> you no know, tom, looking here to see words about a possible female suicide bomber is being trained and sent out? do you know anything about that? >> reporter: it's a vague warning that intelligence reports from yemen suggests that al qaeda and the arabian peninsula may be training female suicide bomb toers try and enter the united states, but, again, no firm evidence that we are being made aware of any kind of attack like that is imminent. alex? >> tom aspell in london, thank you, tom. >>> meantime, a lot of stars united last night for a telethon to raise money for haiti. the two-hour "hope for haiti" telly cast featurerd some of the biggest names from film, sports even politics. many manning the phones while other performed. ♪ when you come by me it's like a little prayer ♪ down on my knees ♪ i want to take you ther
, a live report from port-au-prince and learn about orphans arriv united states. go to for the latest headlines on earthquake relief efforts going on now. >>> following a developing story at home. it was a close call this afternoon for a district man and his two twin sons. they were overcome by carbon monoxide gas inside their home. it happened on seton place off north capitol street. bob barnard is live with the latest. >> reporter: laura, good news is ever one will be fine. the man and his two sons. there was an extremely high level of carbon monoxide found inside the ome after noon. fire investigators suspecting a faulty furnace. it was an urgent scene on seton place. a man and his two teenage sons rushed to the hospital. d.c. fire and ems officials say a phone call from one of the boys to his counselor may have saved all three lives. fire officials say the counselor called his boss and asked her to call 911. >> knocked on the door, no answer. firefighters broke in the doors and the adult male, the father stumbled out semi conscious. >> reporter: while paramedics
wilson, fox news. >>> a 15-year-old girl is now getting medical care here in the united states. this young woman suffered severe injuries to her face in the earthquake. she is now at children's hospital in miami. her cousin is her guardian because the girl's mother died when their home collapsed on top of them. doctors say she is doing much better but has a long road ahead. >> she's sustained significant facial injuries and again the treatment of those facial injury has to be tailored to the fact that we received her you know eight days after the event. >> reporter: even the other quake survivors are also being treated at thesame hospital. >>> today in the district, civil rights activist dick gregory vowed not to eat for 30 days to bring attention the flight of the victims in hti. speaking at union temple baptist church he said he won't eat or drink anything for the first week and after that only liquids. greg i have 77 years old. >>> well, younger activists in our area are also working to help haiti. >>> they are elementary school kids little children with big hearts. as beth
in the country's capital. the united states along with several european nations had closed their embassies in response to those threats. >>> for the first time since their arrest last month, five muslim americans are speaking publicly about their intentions to wage jihad in afghanistan. the five washington-area men who were detained in pakistan say they wanted to help fight western forces but deny any plans to carry out terrorist attacks. >>> a former u.s. intelligence official is confirming by reporting of richard engel that the suspect who killed seven cia officers in afghanistan last week was, in fact, a double agent. the official says the bomber, a jordanian doctor, had been brought to afghanistan to secretly infiltrate al qaeda. but instead of sharing information, officials say he detonated a suicide bomb at the cia outpost killing key u.s. intelligence personnel as well as a jordanian officer. >>> law enforcement officials say the suspect in monday's deadly shooting in las vegas courthouse was upset about losing a lawsuit over a social security benefit. a video posted on youtube capt
exhausted. >> the team is working side-by- side with others from the united states and around the world. >experts in finding a livg and using everything from heavy equipment to their own fingertips to bring them out, including his baby girl. >> we were able to pull out and put her right in her mother's hands. >> in all, the united states teams have made 72 rescue's with the hope that even after 160 plus hours, there are more miracles to be discovered. >> time to go to work. and move to see if we can find her. >> the mission continues to be making a live rescues. they say as long as they get information there are signs of life under a collapsed building, they will respond. >> truly amazing work they are doing there. doctors from the children's national medical center are doing what they can to help victims of the earthquake. in orthopedic surgery team is at a local hospital. that team has already performed numerous surgeries, it has more than 300 patients waiting to be seen. >>> a flight carrying 53 haitian orphans evacuated has arrived in pittsburgh. they read the children's hospital of
: wendell goler, thanks very much. at the stroke of midnight something that's been part of the united states for nearly a century will go away. but only for one year. the estate tax is being put on hold for 2010. you probably heard as it referred to as the death tax by people opposed to it. simply put, the government takes a big chunk of whatever is left behind by wealthy americans when they die. right now the exemption is $3.5 million per person. anything less than that doesn't get taxed so it doesn't affect most people. starting at midnight tonight and through next year it won't effect anyone. here is what the story gets a bit morbid. some wealthy people nearing the end of their lives have actually been taking the temporary repeal of the estate tax into account in their plans. lawyers have even reported people putting provisions in their health care proxies that allow their loved ones to consider changes in the estate tax law which making life and death decisions. in other words, don't pull the plug until the tax goes away. well, now people are asking what the tax will look like if and whe
the results of that review throughout the united states government. and with international partners who are also sending support. search and rescue teams are actively working to save lives. >> msnbc's mike viquiera joins us. >> reporter: the president has pledged $100 million from the u.s. government. that's a drop in the bucket, a starter. the president himself has called for compassion. you just heard the first lady say go to if you want to give money to assist in this effort. it's not just going to be in the coming days or months, but it's going to take years to rebuild haiti after this disaster has struck them just two days ago. the president says he wants this to be the top priority now for all of the agencies involved. of course, usaid is leading the way here, but the president is mobilizing a major logistical effort. he described, of course, the aircraft carrier "carl vinson" on its way there. many coast guard assets on their way there. rescue teams from locally here in fairfax, virginia, los angeles, south florida, other areas landing there at this time. you've he
there be no doubt about it. there are people in that area that are still plotting against the united states. and now you're starting to see it move. i think that's the big story now. it's moving toward the horn of africa and toward -- >> okay, gentlemen. we don't have enough time. thank you. mr. tom ridge. thanks for your service, both of you. >>> a new book out about the 2008 presidential campaign and i love it. it's a classic. it's full of new information like how badly sarah palin's debate prep was going. steve schmidt says he was warned it would be a debacle of epic proportions. how that's for good language? hillary clinton also warned barack obama about dealing with her husband if he made her secretary of state. talk about being sacrificial. it's all in the new book. we'll have a lot of that coming up on "hardball" tonight.. >>> coming up, a worst than expected jobs report this you might be missing something. with prego, it's all about the sauce. in a blind taste test, more people preferred prego over bertolli. the sweet and savory taste of prego. it's in there. (announcer) we understand. you w
risk." chuck, what stuns me is the number of united states senators, nelson, conrad, jay rockefeller, daschle, former senator daschle, chuck schumer from new york, all these senators who were for barack obama secretly without -- well, in the case of jay, he came out and said so, all of them for barack obama, is hillary liked in the senate or not? what's the story? >> now, look, i think, remember, at the time this was all happening, it's sort of there were two campaigns, right? there was the early clinton campaign in '06, frankly, and early '07, that was trying to lock this up so that an alternative to hillary couldn't get any traction and it wasn't there. remember what happened early on. she only could get about a dozen senators early on. she only could get about 200 superdelegates early on. then everybody else stayed neutral, waiting to see how things played out. that's where obama was able to pull this off. but it was -- i mean, it was something i think we all saw was potentially out there. they all came. daschle made this happen. i remember senator after senator, it started with c
to united states that has taken over the airport and the incoming relief supplies. then the u.n., which has taken over the dust bugz, they say there's still not a clear line of who is in charge and that has held up some of the relief supplies. but in answer to your question, yes, the eerm is coming up with better distribution systems and more of it is getting to the areas in need. overnight, a plane load of haitian or fans left here by airplane. a flight came in from pittsburgh and is now going back to pittsburgh with a number of or fans. the united states says it will temporarily accept haitian or fans for care within the united states. so the scene here continues to be one of -- where the search and rescue is going on. the living, obviously, the most important. there are so many bodies to be collected here, but the living, obviously key. finding those people, we're now at one week, who may still be alive. the search and rescue teams are out doing the best they can working off tips. people are saying, i heard someone in there. but no one at this point is giving up more hope that more peopl
for safety. but then, united states, saudi arabia of natural gas. a country that whatever problems you may have with the dictatorship, with the pelosi prolatariat in congress. we've been endorsing natural gas on this show for ages. it's the transition fuel that will allow us to gain energy independence from -- if not pro-terrorist regimes worldwide, but ones that i don't think we'd necessarily want -- it's not like they're canada. anyway, this will help fight global warming as it's 30% cleaner in terms of carbon emissions and oil, 40% cleaner than coal and could create a huge number of jobs especially if washington throws its weight behind the fuel. chesapeake announced a deal to bring natural gas into the jersey area next week. i like that. there's a recognition that the congress that blocks natural gas will be portrayed in the november elections as an enemy of job creation, an enemy of energy independence, and an enemy of cleaner air. if the democrats don't become a whole lot more friendly toward natural gas, you can bet the republicans will seize on this issue and grab a whole lot more
the united states, who also don't like the west. and who have been waging a pretty active campaign. they actually just took custody of a saudi soldier, took him hostage just a few days ago and put him on tv. so the yemenis have some very serious problems. there's endemic poverty. so simply launching missile strikes is not going to be the answer. not to mention the fact that yemen is not the only problem. right across the straits, right across the red sea we have somalia. and just a few weeks ago an individual was picked up by african union peacekeepers trying to board a flight in somalia, apparently with a device very similar to that of umar abdul mub. so the question is if we put all of our effort, start focusing exclusively on yemen what's going on in those other franchise areas like somalia, this is a multitiered threat. >> so complicated. but we've known for a long time about afghanistan, obviously. pakistan. now yemen. yemen number two in the amount of money it was given in the pentagon's counterterrorism program. but, $67 million just in the big picture, that doesn't sound li
by virginia's second governor, thomas jefferson. it is not easy to follow the president of the united states. in my 18 year old twin boys added pressure to me by giving me 10 minutes to finish before they leave to go watch sports center. i am joined by fellow virginiians to share a public perspective on how best to challenges of our nation today. we were encouraged to hear president obama speak this evening about the need to create jobs. all americans should have the opportunity to find and keep meaningful work and the dignity that comes with it. [applause] many of us here tonight and many of you watching have family or friends that lost their jobs. in fact, one this 10 americans is unemployed. that is unacceptable. here in virginia we face our highest unemployment rate in 25 years and bringing new jobs and more opportunities to our citizens is t top priorities of my administration. good government policiless should spur economic growth and the responsibility of the private sector to have new jobs. we must have policies that promote entrepreneur ship and innovation so that america can better
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